Robert Marley Foundation, Jamaica 

          Founded in 1986 by Mrs. Rita Marley, The Robert Marley Foundation donates money, food, and time to impoverished areas of the world. The organization is partnered with Jamaica Tourist Board and J.C.D.C. They teamed up to stop the starvation and death of some of the poorest people in the world. The organization focuses on specific areas of Africa and Jamaica. It preserves cultural traditions of Africa and Jamaica and educates the public on them. It also collects items of cultural importance for the Bob Marley Museum. This museum sells African arts and crafts in its gift shop. Along with the preservation of all this culture that would otherwise be lost, the foundation raises money and supports several non-profit organizations.

          All this is possible because of the message that Bob Marley spoke so freely about. He preached peace and love for all people. His love wasn't specific to any race or hue of skin. Bob showed us through his actions, songs, and speeches that this blind love was necessary if the world ever wanted to truly be at peace. Bob moved the world towards love for all people through his music and teachings.    

Poverty, just one thing Bob Marley pushes us to eradicate

          Bob Marley devoted his life and large sums of his money to helping the poor. His monetary donations went to schools in Africa and Jamaica. Part of Bob's legacy is in these schools where poor children are educated. Bob Marley knew that education saves lives, and he raised money to promote this.