Process Paper

The Legendary Robert Nesta Marley

Ryan Shaffer, Robert Moynihan and Grant Wooten

Senior Division

Group Website


Process Paper

Why we chose this topic:

We have all heard Bob Marley’s music before. We are big fans and love the lyrics and tone that Bob Marley’s reggae music sets. We decided that it would be interesting to look up more on Bob Marley and his career. As it turns out, Bob Marley had a big effect on the world. He left behind an amazing legacy, and his life and music influenced many people. So we chose him because he was a very appealing topic for National History Day.   

How we conducted our research:

            Just like most people, we used Google and it was a great help along with other online searches.  We used the internet to find pictures and videos for our website and for other sources.  We also went to our school’s librarian and we also had several ‘workshop’ days where we were able to get help and make sure that we were on the right track. 

How we created and developed our website:

            We found a website called that had free storage space online.  It had very clear instructions on how to set it up and get started.  Once we had it set up and ready to work on we were able add information and design the layout. 

How our project relates to the theme:

            My project relates to the theme in several ways.  Bob Marley died in 1981 which was not that long ago, but left an outstanding legacy for such a short period of time and for how long he lived.  He lived to the age of thirty six but influenced millions in his lifetime and even to this day.  He stood for a message of hope and happiness.  He believed that all people should come together under God and be united as one.  He influenced those in poverty and the less fortunate but he also influenced the wealthy and blessed.  He urged people to care about those who are less fortunate and many thousands of people donated to the Bob Marley foundation after his death.  He also gave many people a reason to keep going in a way; stories have been shared of people who by listening to his music have been turned around from going down the wrong path or getting themselves hurt.

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